Automated Production Systems


The commitment of our organization is divided into two parts. The first is to grow and strengthen our diverse Engineering competencies with continuous training and development. The second is to apply our engineering expertise and risk management skills to work seamlessly with our customers to provide the most effective process and engineered solution that will meet or exceed all technical requirements within the constraints of schedule and financial budgets.


APS is a multi-million dollar turnkey controls engineering firm. APS is the market leader in designing, installing and launching automated production systems within the automotive industry, especially within GM, Ford and Chrysler. Our professionally trained and degreed engineers collectively have over 250 YEARS of hands-on experience applying advanced controls and computer technology to the practical needs of the manufacturing industry. Since the inception of APS, our staff has been carefully recruited and trained to offer the right blend of experience with problem-solving expertise.

APS engineers have worked on programs all throughout North America including Canada and Mexico. We have also had engineers in Korea and Russia. APS is experienced using the latest GM, Ford, and Chrysler Architectures. APS has developed architectures and standards for non-automotive and tier customers as well. Our engineers are experienced with Body and Assembly, Paint, Material Handling, Food Processing and Commercial Utility applications. APS engineers have several years of experience developing and applying cutting edge hardware and software applications utilizing many types of PC and PLC based processors as well as multiple Robotic platforms.